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Player Registration

See online registration link and forms/information below. Please see the "Recreational League" Page and "Parents Page" for reference documents and FAQ.


Birth Year Rec Academy Classic Classic(Max Play up)
2015 U4
2014 U5 - - -
2013 U6 - - -
2012 U8 U8 - -
2011 U8 U8 - -
2010 U10 U9 U11* U11*
2009 U10 U10 U11 U12
2008 U12 U10** U11 U13
2007 U12 U12 U14
2006 U14 U13 U15
2005 U14 U14 U16
2004 U16 U15 U17
2003 U16 U16 U18
2002 U19 U17 U19
2001 U19 U18 Adult
2000 U19 U19 Adult
1999 Adult - Adult Adult

Notes for above table:

*2010 Birth year players, please contact Kevin Otto prior to registering

** Must meet certain eligibility requirements, please contact Kevin Otto prior to registering

Online Registration - click the link below



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