The policies of the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) are established by the WYSA Board of Directors. These policies establish minimum guidelines to be followed by member clubs, districts and leagues throughout the State of Wisconsin. Questions regarding these policies should be forwarded to the District Representative, Club President and/or the State Office for discussion at the WYSA Board of Directors meetings.
WYSA Consolidated Policy Manual - November 2014


Risk Management Policy (Effective 08/28/18)
Any coach, assistant coach, team trainer, team manager, referee, club or district board member, WYSA administrator, WYSA Board of Directors member, independent contractor, or any other individual seeking affiliation with WYSA or WYSA Affiliated Clubs who has direct or indirect contact or influence on a youth player is required by WYSA to complete a Risk Management Disclosure, every two years through WYSA’s online risk management system.
WYSA Risk Management Policy


Poaching Policy (Effective 08/01/16)
Poaching is considered a serious offense by Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) and any club or individual found to have committed a poaching violation as defined by the WYSA Poaching Policy shall be subject to a significant sanction. Responsible representatives may include parents of team members, team managers, coaches, club board members, directors of coaching and others perceived as an agent of the club.
WYSA Poaching Policy


Concussion Initiative (Effective 08/01/16)
WYSA has adopted US Soccer’s Concussion Initiative, effective immediately. Please review the complete policy for specifics related to youth players heading the ball. Also note, referees will enforce this initiative according to the age of the competition. It is the responsibility of coaches and club officials to address player heading for players who are playing up and would be affected by the policy restrictions.
US Soccer Concussion Initiative


Tryout Policy
Changes to the WYSA tryout policy for the 2019-2020 program year (tryouts beginning in June 2019) have been finalized. The tryout policy applies to all competitive teams (Classic, State League, and Regional League) statewide.

Each district has the authority to establish tryout dates for their geographic area. All other components of the policy are standard across the state. Dates for districts in Southeast Wisconsin (Milwaukee Kickers, Metro, Racine, Kenosha, Waukesha, Ozaukee, and Stateline) will be determined on an annual basis by district representatives under the direction of the WYSA Vice President of Competitions.
WYSA Tryout Policy
Southeast Wisconsin Tryout Policy 2019-2020


Youth Academy Policy
The youth academy policy applies to clubs who are designated as “Certified Youth Academies” by the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association. (The criteria for the youth academy certification are outlined by the program, in WYSA accreditation documents.) This policy governs acceptable timing of, and contact with players, as well as the registration of academy players to clubs who are WYSA Certified Youth Academies. The youth academy policy aligns with the WYSA tryout policy.
Youth Academy Policy


Competitive Player Transfers
A player is considered committed to a team for the seasonal year (8/1-7/31) when a written acceptance occurs and a parent/guardian completes the player registration form and submits it to a club representative. If at any time during the registration year, a competitive player desires to transfer to another club’s team (interclub transfer), that player must submit a Player Request Transfer Form with transfer fees (cashier’s check or money order only) to the WYSA Executive Director.
Competitive Player Transfer Policy


WYSA Zero Tolerance Policy
WYSA has created the Zero Tolerance Policy in an effort to decrease the abuse of referees. The purpose of this policy is to make clear that verbal abuse or negative criticism of referees is as unacceptable as verbal abuse or negative criticism of players.
Zero Tolerance Policy
Recommendations and Guidelines for Sideline Behavior


WYSA Refund Policy
Refunds will only be allowed for WYSA programs as determined by the Executive Director.
WYSA Refund Policy


WYSA Age Exemption Policy
It is recognized that age divisions are a necessary component of youth soccer.  They ensure that children are grouped based on their physical, emotional, and social development, affording each child the opportunity to thrive in the safest, least restrictive environment possible.  However, there are also times when exceptions to a strict age deadline would advance these objectives.
Age Exemption Policy and Procedures


Club Passes
A club pass is defined as use of a registered player from one team’s roster for competition with a different team in the same club. The club pass is designated as an intraclub player arrangement and is not intended to be used as an interclub arrangement between two different clubs.
Club Pass Policy


22 Player Roster
The Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association and all recognized leagues within the Association shall recognize roster limits of up to 22 players on the official State roster for players at the U13, U14, U15, U16, U17, U18 and U19 age group levels.


Pool Rosters
In an effort to offer more flexibility to clubs for registration of players and to facilitate more fluid movement between teams based on the needs and abilities of the player, WYSA has approved “pool registration” for the U12 and under age groups beginning in fall 2013.  (Pool registration is optional, at the discretion of the WYSA district or competition for the 2013/2014 program year.)
Pool Roster Policy


Event Teams
Event teams are defined as teams that are formed for competition in a particular event, i.e. tournaments, showcases, or league competitions that allow event teams. An event team allows a player to maintain their existing obligation to their club and team, but also be placed on an event roster for a specific competition. Event teams can be composed of players from multiple clubs. Approval from the home club is necessary for participation. The competition shall define roster requirements. All event teams will be authorized and processed by the State Office.
Event and Tournament Only Teams Policy


Tournament Only Teams
Tournament only teams are defined as teams registered with a club, whose players are exclusively rostered to a team in the club. The team does not participate in a sanctioned league; its competitions are limited to tournaments. All standard player registration and team rostering rules apply. This includes but is not limited to, rosters sizes, age eligibility, and coach requirements. The procedure to obtain approvals, team rosters and player passes also remains the same as a team playing in leagues.
Event and Tournament Only Teams Policy


Small Sided Roster Sizes
Below are the roster minimums and maximums as approved by the WYSA Board of Directors. (8/12 denotes single sided roster max / side by side roster max).
Small-sided standards Policy