Wisconsin Concussion Law

On April 2, 2012, Wisconsin State law was amended to include Wisconsin Act 172 relating to concussions and other head injuries sustained in youth athletic activities. The law was effective immediately on April 2, 2012. Click here for key provisions of the bill, as they apply to the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association.


Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association is requiring all member clubs to comply with the new state law. WYSA is also instructing coaching staffs and referees on how to be in compliance. The WYSA Medical Release and Waiver of Liability has been amended to conform with the new law. All clubs should maintain a copy of this form for each player in the club, or include this information on their signed registration forms per paragraph (3).

Care for Classic Team Jerseys

Coaches of Classic teams, remind your parents: DO NOT dry the uniforms in the clothes dryer. This may cause the digits to fall off or melt. All jerseys should be air-dried

Tournament Listings

WYSA Tournaments - go to Wisconsin Youth Soccer website. Choose <Tournaments> from the left nav bar. Then click <Sanctioned Tournaments> for a current listing of all tournaments sanctioned by the state association.